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We are Dsgn & Co.

 Branding, Design and Digital Marketing agency based in London. We're a bunch of creative millennials' who have 20 years experience combined.

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Deborah Fakehinde

Co-founder & Creative Partner

Jennifer Falowo

Brand Strategist

Josh Glover

Junior Designer

Nicole Chapman

Account Manager

Raymond Taiwo

Creative Production Assistant

Tom Wallbank

What we do

We are a London based studio, that is focusing on brand connection that is culturally relevant for tomorrow.


We work closely with B2C brands on providing research and strategy on brand execution and offer brand, design and digital marketing support for businesses and organisations. Our specialist team help to produce bespoke brands that bring tangible returns for your business or organisation.


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Core values






Our process

Our processes are centred around strategy, research and experience.


Strategy – We will look at your short and long-term goals, core business break down and look at your current performance.


Research – What is currently happening in the market? What is predicted to happen in 5 years’ time? What does this mean to your business?


Experience – Our sight is set on connecting you to your audience and how they interact with your business.


Dsgn & Co.

Unit 2d, 16 Pixley Street

London, E14 7DF, United Kingdom


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